World of Water

Coming from the depths of the sea, these iridescent water creatures are also extremely charming on land. A wonderful underwater world


Some of the costumes are equipped with lighting technology, so they are also suitable for events in the dark (take a look at the production Enchanted Underwaterworld)

Possible figures

  • King Crab
  • Queen Octavia
  • Merman
  • 3 X Mermaid
  • 2 X Seahorse Rider
  • 2 X Fuffel (Sea Anemone Harlequin)
  • 2 X Ozeania
  • 5 X Jellyfish
  • 2 X Maritima with flying fishes

Suitable for

  • parades
  • indoor and outdoor events

Can be combined with

  • Confusao percussion up to 8 actors / Costumes: Fish


  • live music
  • USB drive for sound system



Stelzen-Art - Marine Creatures

Stelzen-Art - World of Water - Špancirfest 2023, Varaždin Croatia