Le Voyage Magique

The Time Travelers and Flying Travelers from Stelzen-Art are on their way to a magical journey. They arise from the romance of the age of steam engines, gears and clockworks. Time Travelers from the Steampunk World. Sometimes cheeky, sometimes charming, but always full of curiosity, they are on their way to distant dimensions. They transform each of their travel destinations into places where magic comes to life and childhood dreams come true.

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Le Voyage Magique Show


During the day these figures impress with their splendor of color and attention to detail. For events in the dark, they are equipped with elaborate lighting technology. They can be booked for parades, walking acts and a show lasting up to 50 minutes.

Possible figures

  • 5 - 7 X steampunk figures, partly on jumping stilts
  • 2 X steampunk figures as Dragon Rider
  • Steambird
  • Up to 8 Flying Travelers (zeppelins + balloons)

Suitable for

  • parades
  • outdoor events
  • Indoor events: For the Flying Traveler the ceiling height must be at least 4m
  • day and night events
  • light events

Can be combined with

  • Confusao Percussion with Steampunk costumes
  • minim. 5 players: www.confusao.de
  • Le Voyage Magique (production)


  • USB drive for sound system (especially for these figures created playlist available)
  • live music (Confusao Percussion)



Stelzen-Art - Time Traveler / Flying Traveler Walk-Act

Stelzen-Art - Flying Traveler

Stelzen-Art - Steampunk Circus

Stelzen-Art - Steampunk Circus Parade

Stelzen-Art - Time Traveler - Špancirfest 2022, Varaždin Croatia

Stelzen-Art - Time Traveler