Enchanted Garden

All figures are iluminated and equipped with programmable LED. An enchanted garden in which the fantasy creatures romp about.


Even during the day, these figures enchant with their splendour of colour. (take a look at the production Color of Nature)

Possible figures

  • 2 X Light Butterflies
  • 7 X Light Flowers
  • 4 X Miracle Worlds
  • 2 X Elves
  • 2 X Inflatable Dogs
  • Miracle Worlds: dancers with butterfly kasser


  • Flower & Butterfly Six minutes Show, with minimum 3x flowers 2x butterflies

Suitable for

  • parades
  • indoor and outdoor events

Can be combined with

  • Confusao percussion / Costumes:
  • Miracle Worlds www.confusao.de
  • Night of Light (production)


  • live music
  • USB drive for sound system (especially for these figures created playlist available)



Stelzen-Art - UNTOLD festival 2023

Stelzen-Art - Light Flower & Butterfly Show

Stelzen-Art - Night of Light

Stelzen-Art - Nightparade 2015

Stelzen-Art - Night Parade Andorra