Ara Brasil

With groovy rhythms, joie de vivre, dancing and stilt artistic, ARA BRASIL enchants the audience. Chatting and playful, these cheerful and colorful jungle creatures bring joy into life. Wrapped in the bright colors of Brazilian birds, the percussionists easily play their way into the hearts of the audience.


This production is a project close to the heart of Stelzen-Art. The artistic directors Martin Sasse and Janine Jaeggi are respected percussionists and teachers of Brazilian music for many decades. They are also the artistic directors of the Bremen Carnival, the largest samba carnival in Europe.

Possible figures

  • minimum 5 figures, maximum 13 figures
  • 3 X dancing Aras without stilts
  • 2 - 5 Aras on stilts
  • 5 Aras with percussion instruments

Suitable for

  • parades
  • indoor and outdoor events


  • Brazilian live percussion



Stelzen-Art - Color of Nature - Hong Kong

Stelzen-Art - Ara Brasil